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by admin on May 21, 2012

Ben Pakulski considered as an idol to many due to the fact that he is ranked as one of the top 15 pro body builders out there; not only has he been known to have all of the Ben Pakulski mass intentions 225x300 Ben Pakulski of Hypertrophy Maxexperience and knowledge necessary to be able to get the best results in the shortest period of time possible, but he has also training programs and is a trainer himself with the vision of being able to help others achieve the same results. He is a bodybuilder, an author, a public speaker, a nutritional coach, and a celebrity trainer.  His latest program MI40 was a big hit and now comes Hypertrophy Max.

The MI40 is a rigorous training program recommended by many health magazines and institutions. The program is dedicated in being able to help double muscle gain, remodel “weak” plateau, and help those training to reach a peak in their workout. Those who try to MI40 by Ben Pakulski are guaranteed to be able to see results, and their abs within 6 weeks of starting the program. His online site has pictures of numerous people who have tried his program and succeeded in getting their dream body. He not only knows the secret to muscle mass building, but he is also able to effectively identify the problems that most people have when working out. He can provide numerous tips and tricks on how to overcome those obstacles.

The number 40 in MI40 is significant as it symbolizes the number of days in the program, the amount of time needed for each set, and the amount of rest that is recommended between each set. His training program is designed to be able to help others gain twice the muscle in half the time needed by other coaches and trainers. The MI40 was formulated through real-life experience. Ben literally tried different types of techniques in order to find the ones that were most effective.

Ben has been training others for over 14 years, and he has attained his knowledge through consultations with leading physicians, coaches and more. He studied muscle function and movement in college, and is constantly contributing new articles to magazines like FLEX. He is considered as one of the most knowledgeable individuals around when it comes to working out and training. While MI40 is his creation, he has numerous different types of training tips written, and he is constantly providing FLEX readers with more information regarding healthy living and muscle mass building. He has received numerous different awards and recognitions from different institutions.

With a passion for muscle mass building and training, Ben Pakulski is a famous name in the world of body building due to the extensive amounts of experience and knowledge that he has in the field and industry. He is constantly improving and expanding his knowledge, and his training program has been able to help many get their dream bodies in less time and with less work.

Along with Vince Delmonte he has created the new workout program Hypertrophy Max and you will be able to see the review for it shortly.

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