Hypertrophy Max Review – Is The Muscle Building Program Good?

by admin on June 3, 2013

The Thinking Man’s Approach to Muscle! – What’s that all About then? Is “Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakulski’s Newest Training Program Honestly any Different from all the Rest?

hypertrophy max banner Hypertrophy Max Review   Is The Muscle Building Program Good?

Okay – so when yet another training program gets released that proclaims to provide you with exactly what you need to move past those frustrating training plateaus that plague all of us at one time or other, you can be forgiven for thinking that it’s just going to be more of the same old, same old….

But – and this is a big but – when it comes from two of the most successful, driven and – let’s face it – best physiques in body building today – then we decided it was definitely worth a second look. Read on to find out the dirty truth behind Vince Del Monte and Benjamin Pakulski’s Hypertrophy MAX program.

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What do you get for your money?

First off, Vince and Ben are doing something crazy.  You can buy it for whatever price you name!! I know… I can’t believe it either.  Well here’s the scoop…

You get a TON of stuff.  Every month you are mailed a 24-page physical newsletter (real paper! yes ppl still read those), 4 DVDs with more than 3 hours of content, 90 minute coaching calls with the 2 big guys, a private members forum where you can ask anything and get more info, plus lots of members only bonuses.

So, Hypertrophy MAX is all about avoiding the plateau. And pretty much every body builder on the planet knows all about those. You know, when you train your damn butt off and still nothing changes. It’s as though your body says “that’s it! This is as large and ripped as I can possibly get, and nothing you do is gonna change it!”


Well actually, WRONG! And Hypertrophy MAX is the culmination of the incredible wealth of these two guys experience to show you exactly why this is so…

The program is based on avoiding 5 fatal training flaws: Flaws that are literally built into pretty much any other training plan out there – and are the reasons that the muscle gain stops. These flaws are as follows;

1. Forever searching for the newest tips and tricks – in other words, being suckered into the latest ‘sure-fire’ way to train and gain muscle. The problem with this is that most of these methods are not based on any kind of scientific fact, and within a few weeks (days?) become tedious, boring and can even – in worst cases – put your training efforts even further behind.

2. Information overload – because in 2012 we are bombarded from every angle with more and more information. The internet, magazines, guys down the gym, the latest craze…. All we end up doing is taking in more information about stuff that – in a nutshell – is useless. So more information actually equals less real knowledge.

3. Lifting weights to impress – go on, you know you’ve done it. Choosing your weights according to who might be watching. If you’re serious about body building, it makes diddly squat difference who’s watching – you need to be lifting the right weights for the stage your body’s in. And for those who bust their ass to just train harder and harder – all they end up doing pushing their body into a catabolic state, as opposed to an anabolic one. So you actually end up losing muscle! Not exactly the scenario you’re looking for.hypertrophy max program Hypertrophy Max Review   Is The Muscle Building Program Good?

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. Not knowing what to do next – yep, it happens more times than not. You finish a training program and aren’t quite sure where to move on from there. And making the wrong choices can have a catastrophic effect on your body tone and muscle growth.

5. Not having defined goals – so you want to get ripped and huge at the same time? This is the biggest training mistake out there, and one that Hypertrophy MAX will help you understand and overcome.

The program overcomes all of these fatal flaws by using 3 solutions to the problem – solutions that will see you making those much longed for gains 24/7, 365 days of the year. And these solutions are based on 6 scientifically proven facts of hypertrophy.

In other words, real – genuine – proven methods that will see your muscles and strength grow, grow and grow.

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Who is it for?

Okay, so Hypertrophy MAX is not a program for the faint hearted. In fact, it’s not a program for anyone who hasn’t got the dedication to put the necessary hours of work into seeing a difference. This is a program laser targeted at those who’re already committed to their own fitness and body, and are looking to take their training onto the next level.

If you want to be better than the rest; if you want to annihilate the competition – then Hypertrophy MAX might well be the catalyst that sees your training results go charging full force in the direction you’ve always dreamed of.

Who are Vince Del Monte and Benjamin Pakulski?

Anyone who even dips a toe into the world of bodybuilding can’t fail to have come across these guys. “Skinny Vinnie,” as he used to be known, was originally a pretty successful long distance runner – with the physique that goes along with it. It was only when he realized that it wasn’t training harder that would see him getting ripped and massive, but training smarter. A mere six months after he was hit by this bolt of lightning, he won the Canadian Fitness Model Championships – and has never looked back.

Benjamin Pakulski is the IFBB bodybuilder who is solely responsible for one of the most talked about bodybuilding programs in the industry – MI40. And he certainly practices what he preaches, coming 4th in the Arnold Classics and qualifying for the Mr. Olympia with only 14 weeks training.

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The Pros

* Hypertrophy MAX is not just a load of ideas cobbled together by some guys who sport some impressive physiques. This is a program that is 100% scientifically proven to increase hypertrophy. So you can rest assured that every single exercise, every single rep and every single set you do is truly working to build and rip that muscle.

* It’s fun! And well presented. After all, the last thing you want is to be told how to train by guys who aren’t in the “real world.” And Vince and Ben’s program has been put together in a way that you immediately feel that these guys “get” exactly what it is that you need. This is the no bull**** approach to bodybuilding – thank goodness!

* For anyone who has in the past, or is currently experiencing a training plateau, Hypertrophy MAX is exactly what you need to move on from this. And for those who don’t get what a “plateau” actually is – well guys, you’re simply not there yet. Because it’s virtually a given that anyone who trains seriously will eventually plateau and fail to see the improvement they so desperately desire.

* Not only is the training program covered, but nutrition as well. Because, let’s face it, the two go hand in hand. And everything you need to know about both is given to you exactly as you need it.

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The Cons

* Well – the biggest “con” is that following the Hypertrophy MAX program is hard! But when did anything worthwhile ever come easily. And if you’re the kind of person that expects miracle results simply by visiting the gym a couple of times a week – well dear, you carry on in your little dream world. But for those who’ve got what it takes – this program, well – godamn!!!

* Prepare to get addicted to honing your body. Because, as any true bodybuilder will tell you, it’s seeing those results that get you charging off down to the gym every spare moment you have.

The Bottom Line

Well, if you haven’t already got the gist of it from the above, we absolutely love Hypertrophy MAX. This is one serious workout regime that gives you a crazy 12 months of pure training – and will have you reaching goal after goal, 365 days of the year. And with a money back guarantee that says if you’re not satisfied then you pay absolutely nothing – zero, zilch, de nada – then trying out Hypertrophy MAX really is a no brainer!

In a word – Hypertrophy MAX rocks!

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