Who Vince Delmonte of Hypertrophy Max?

by admin on May 18, 2012

When we talk about muscle building or fitness training, we must discuss Vince Delmonte, the world’s Skinny Guy Expert. There are worthy and credible reasons why his name is rising all over the Fitness and Body Building industry. Vince is the man behind Live Large TV, No Nonsense Muscle Building System, Your Six Pack Quest and vince delmonte hypertrophy max Who Vince Delmonte of Hypertrophy Max?Ultimate Muscle Advantage. However, there’s more to Vince than his sought-after and ripped look which has astonished many people including him. His story should be told over and over in order to let people know that when determination is combined with the right program, dreams can become reality.

Who was Vince Delmonte?
He is not denying the fact that he was considered to be a little less than a regular kind of guy in the past. In 2002, he looked bony and only weighed 149 pounds. He’s the type that gets intimidated by bigger guys because he’s too skinny, a characteristic that made him look frail and undernourished. Just like any other individual who is trying to make himself look and feel good, he had used many sorts of fitness programs, diets and supplements but all to no avail.

He embraced every idea that he can master from different sources such as programs coming from gyms, fitness experts and health magazines. He employed varying sorts of muscle building methods including popping different pills or supplements and drinking special protein shakes. In the end, he was unable to acquire even a slight appealing look. Nonetheless, his failures and frustrations made him more determined than ever until the day when he had developed his own fitness programs that truly work. Today, you can see a toned and muscled man, a look that was very far from how he look-like in the beginning. Impossible as it may seem, it worked extremely well for him and for a growing number of people. Vince now weighs 200 pounds and can no longer be called Skinny Vinny.

Vince’s Exceptional Accomplishments
After being labeled as Skinny Vinny, he won the Canadian Fitness Model Championships in 2005. Additionally, according to Clickbank.com, Vince’s “No Nonsense Muscle Building” program is currently on the top spot. His other bodybuilding programs, “Your Six Pack Quest” and “Ultimate Muscle Advantage” are also among the best sellers in the field of ab, fat loss and muscle training routines. Furthermore, aside from many internet sites, you can see him contribute his knowledge and expertise in Men’s Fitness Magazine and Maximum Fitness Magazine. All these are among his way of reaching out to every individual who would like to transform his life and body for the better.

Vince completed a degree in Honours Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. Honours Kinesiology is a program that deals with the detection, communication, and application of facts and data based on human movements and the relation between physical activity and health. His education and experiences had helped him acquire a specialization. Unlike many self-claimed fitness experts, Vince was given the title of being a fitness professional not only because of his great looks but by his reliable works and outstanding achievements. At present, Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakulski have teamed-up to provide a new program called Hypertrophy Max workout.

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